10 rules for marrying the man of your dreams
10 rules for marrying the man of your dreams

In no case do you take the first steps - wait until he first comes up to you, calls, writes, etc.

Do not rush to reply to his messages. Better to wait half an hour. And if this is his first message, then it is better to wait at least 4 hours altogether.

Try to end the conversation first every time, answering with short messages "Let's talk / chat later"


Don't reply to his messages after midnight.

Comment on his photos as little as possible, and try not to leave notes on his wall in social media. networks.

Don't spend all your free time with him. Let him understand that you have other interests and hobbies.

In no case should you pay for a dinner together - you should not buy his love.

Delay the moment of intimacy as long as possible. Let him wait, look after, plan romantic meetings and just dream of you. A man must fall in love first with your soul, and then only with your body. Remember: men love difficulties, and the more difficult something is given to them, the more they appreciate it.


Also, don't send your man anything that you might regret if you broke up with him.

You can't date a man without commitment! With the right relationship (you see him 2-3 times a week, refuse to spend a vacation together, do not move to live with him), your faithful should fall head over heels in love with you and propose to marry him. If you have been dating for more than a year, and this does not happen, then something went wrong, and you should tell him that you are an old-fashioned girl and cannot date a man forever. He will either take more serious steps, or he will start making excuses. If everything went according to the second scenario, then offer to take a break and think about everything. Only in this way will he be able to understand what role you play in his life.

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