Japanese diet - how to lose weight in 14 days. Useful Tips
Japanese diet - how to lose weight in 14 days. Useful Tips

The Japanese diet lasts only 14 days, but during this period you can not only lose weight, but also improve your metabolism. It is estimated that in two weeks you will be able to lose 7 to 8 kg. For starters, nutritionists are advised to exclude these foods from your diet:

  1. Salt - experts explain that it disrupts the production of certain hormones that regulate our weight.
  2. Wheat bread - is one of the most high-calorie (242 kcal per 100 grams)
  3. Alcohol is your main enemy. Slows down the metabolism.
  4. Sugar - simple carbohydrates that turn into extra pounds over time.

The Japanese diet is based on fruits (except for sweet ones - figs, banana and grapes), vegetables, cheese, fish and meat products. Meat and fish are best cooked with steam, but sometimes you can treat yourself to fried meat as well, but if only cook with vegetable oil (fat).

On breakfast

Note that the Japanese diet suggests drinking one cup of black ground coffee instead of breakfast in the morning, which contains numerous natural antioxidants. Forget about instant coffee for 14 days. Sometimes, of course, you can substitute fruit or green tea for coffee.

For lunch

For lunch, Japanese nutritionists advise to cook fish or chicken with vegetables. Or just a salad made from fresh vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and cucumbers. Interestingly, Japanese nutritionists have no complaints about large portions, eat as much as you want, BUT in moderation.

For dinner

For dinner, we suggest choosing fruits, boiled eggs, cheese. If you are very hungry in the evening, then you can cook fish or meat with vegetables, but this time make sure that the portion is small.

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