Unusual flavor combinations that not everyone dares to try
Unusual flavor combinations that not everyone dares to try

Variety in food is not only a guarantee of a pleasant and satisfying meal, but also an aesthetic pleasure. In order to diversify the gastronomic knowledge of food, some resort to rather unusual flavor combinations. Today we will present you with experiments that will shock you, and may seem quite intriguing.

Salt coffee

Many people prefer not to add sugar to coffee, it turns out there are those that add salt to coffee. Salt softens the water and enhances the taste of the coffee, but of course you only need to add a pinch of salt, otherwise you risk overdoing it.

Strawberries and tomatoes

This combination may seem strange and unacceptable to you, but in many restaurants around the world it has been practiced for a long time. The chefs explain that both strawberries and tomatoes contain a substance called furaneol, and therefore the combination is excellent.

Chocolate and chilli

Residents of the southern United States use chili in almost all dishes, and even in dessert. But the most common and exotic dish that is ordered in restaurants is a combination of chocolate and chili. The thick cocoa flavor helps to extinguish the hotness of the chili and give it a sugary taste.

Potatoes and nutmeg

Note that potatoes are a unique vegetable that goes with everything - it can be served with meat, gravy, and vegetation. But the most unique combination is potatoes and nutmeg. Thanks to the nut, the potatoes become richer and sweeter, giving the dish a “zest”.

Bananas and bread crumbs

We cannot tell you who first thought of frying bananas in breadcrumbs, but rest assured, this one is just brilliant. The banana is cut into slices, then rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in butter. The dish can be served both hot and cold.

White chocolate and black caviar

The star of the evening is, of course, black caviar combined with white chocolate. In France, this combination is considered a delicacy and is served exclusively in fine dining restaurants.

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