Inattention or the director's idea ?! Let's see
Inattention or the director's idea ?! Let's see

The filming process is quite difficult and painstaking work. To create a film, you need to take care of the smallest details of the scenery, choose the appropriate costumes for the actors, calculate the time and weather, the whims and habits of each participant in the process. And therefore, when we notice mistakes or shortcomings in a film, we try to close our eyes to it and enjoy the picture. But sometimes, there are too ridiculous blunders that distract from the film itself.

Below we present to you a few blunders that you probably noticed too!

Or the Titanic had two noses, or the ship was being repaired in the process

It turns out that people fell not because of a break on the deck, but because some villains were pulling their cable!

At the very beginning in the film "Avatar" they show the dead twin brother of the protagonist, after a while, when the body is covered with a film, another actor appears in his place

When Jake first opens the capsule, the stroller is not visible next to him, but after it is already there

Car tire tracks are clearly visible on the road

During filming, actor Christopher Lee broke his arm, some frames show a plaster cast

Leia is so strong that she can crush an iron pipe with her bare hands.

In the story, Tony Stark spends time alone in his office when Papper visits him, but in fact, some unfamiliar guy in a white T-shirt spends time with a scientist

It turns out that the planes were already flying in Troy.

What can I say, zombies are thirsty too..

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