David Beckham and 7 big-time sports stars who made a career in cinema
David Beckham and 7 big-time sports stars who made a career in cinema

It's not news to anyone that many sports stars try themselves as actors. But, unfortunately, not all of them achieve significant success in this field.

Today Our site will tell you about 7 big-time sports stars who have made a successful career in cinema.

Andrew Flintoff


Andrew Flintoff is known to everyone as one of the leading cricketers, and his name is certainly not associated with the theater. But more recently it became known that the famous athlete is preparing for his debut on stage, he got one of the roles in the musical version of the popular British television series "Fat Friends".

Eric Cantona


The former Manchester United striker, known among football fans as King Eric, retired back in 1997. After that, he made a very good film career. The footballer usually appears in his domestic, French cinema, but he also has a self-parody of the British director "In Search of Eric".

Gina Carano


Gina is a Texas Muay Thai and MMA athlete. But more recently, she is still known as an actress. The girl got into the cinema quite by accident: she was noticed by director Steven Soderbergh, who was so impressed with her that he built a whole plot around Gina. The joint collaboration resulted in the 2011 action movie Knockout, in which Carano plays alongside such famous actors as Channing Tatum and Makil Fassbender. Also on the account of the girl is the role of a mutant in the film "Deadpool", which was released in 2016.

“I certainly want to do a romantic comedy,” Gina said last year. "But now I'm stuck in action movies where every Hollywood actress seems to want to be."

John Cena


It is believed that wrestling requires not only good physical fitness, but also considerable acting skills. And it's no surprise that many wrestlers continue their film careers. Usually, former athletes can be seen in action films where they can best demonstrate their professional skills. But John Cena in this regard is an exception, since he not only played well in the action movie "12 Rounds", but also flashed in the comedy "Girl without complexes".

“I love what I do, so it's not because I want to quit wrestling, I'm doing movies. It just seemed to me that doing all these films was cool,”he said in an interview last year.

His next role will be the bull in the animated film Ferdinand.

Vinnie Jones


Vinnie, like no less famous other footballer David Beckham, made his film debut, starring in Guy Ritchie. And since the athlete already had a reputation as a "tough" guy on the football field, it was not difficult for him to play the "bad guy" Big Chris in Richie's film Lock, Stock, Two Barrels. The film was just the beginning of a successful career as a football player, he is now actively filmed both in films and on television.

Rhonda Rousey


Rhonda is an Olympic judo champion and one of the most agile fighters in the sport. It was her successes in sports that helped the girl start her film career. Rhonda got a role in the third part of the action movie "The Expendables". The sportswoman's partners in the film are such famous actors as Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford. The girl also starred in the Fast and Furious film franchise and appeared as herself in the 2015 comedy Entourage.

Karl Weathers


It is now Weathers known to everyone as an actor. But before starring in the famous Rocky, he was a professional footballer and even played for the Oakland Raiders for a while. Karl finally said goodbye to sports three years before the start of his acting career.

After Rocky, Weathers starred in Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lucky Gilmore with Adam Sandler.But, perhaps, one of the most striking works of the actor is the role in the cult American sitcom Delay in Development.

“My specialization at the University of San Diego was theater,” he once said. "I was looking at the ball with one eye and the other toward Hollywood."

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