8 incredible stories of people who have achieved great success despite the absence of limbs
8 incredible stories of people who have achieved great success despite the absence of limbs

The stories of the people we are going to tell you about today are simply unique. Despite the great difficulties they faced, they continue to fight and inspire millions of people.

Kate Fost

17 years old, gymnast


At the age of 11, aspiring gymnast Kate was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, and doctors had to amputate her leg. But 3 years after the operation, the girl again began to play her favorite sports. A year ago, Kate took part in competitions and is now showing great success along with other gymnasts.

Sergey Kutovoy

21 years old, fitness blogger


The story of this guy from Arkhangelsk is simply unique. Since childhood, Sergei was overweight. But if in the early years this problem did not particularly bother the boy, then, having matured, the young man realized that he wanted to change his life. Sergey decided to lose weight - he lost as much as 50 kg. And so, when life began to improve, a terrible tragedy happened: the young man was hit by a truck, as a result of which he lost his leg. And Sergei began to get fat again.

“I just ate and ate. In the hospital, there was no time for appearance. The main thing is to survive, and, naturally, the amount of food was not controlled, taking into account the fact that I was constantly lying, "he said.


But after a while, the young man pulled himself together and began to lose weight again. “I never felt inferior, I was always confident in myself - perhaps that is why there was no question of reconciling myself. After all, first of all, I am a person inside, not outside - you can be with all limbs, but a moral monster. " Now he is actively involved in sports, wants to take part in the Paralympics and met his love.

Jesse Quinn

24 years old, fitness model


Jesse lost part of her leg to cancer at the age of 9. But this did not break the girl. She not only overcame depression, but also became an example for many people. Jesse regularly plays sports, maintains a successful blog and takes part in Nike projects.

Paola Antonini

21 years old, model


3 years ago, Paola had a terrible accident, as a result of which the doctors had to amputate her leg, and since then the girl has been inseparable from the bionic prosthesis. Paola seemed to start a new life, she learned to walk again.


And it seems that it gave her more strength. Now the girl is actively involved in sports and dancing, and she also inspires millions of girls around the world. She proves by her example that there is nothing wrong with a prosthesis. And that even with him a girl can look feminine and beautiful.

Kanya Sesser

25 years old, athlete and model


Kanya was born in Thailand. The girl had no legs, and the woman who gave birth to her left the baby at the foot of a Buddhist temple. The girl was adopted by a foster family, and at the age of five, Kanya and her parents moved to the United States.


The lack of limbs did not prevent the girl from making a modeling career. She now poses for sports brands and advertises lingerie. Kanya is also actively involved in sports and preparing for the upcoming Paralympic Games.

Rebecca Marine

30 years old, model

Rebecca was born without an arm. However, the absence of a limb did not prevent the girl from achieving her childhood dream - to become a model. 2 years ago, Rebecca made her debut at New York Fashion Week.


The girl admits that on the way to this she faced great difficulties: many modeling agencies did not want to conclude a contract with her because of the prosthesis. But this did not break her, and she set a new goal for herself - to appear on the cover of Vogue.

Bethany Hamilton

27 years old, surfer

Bethany is from Hawaii and loves surfing. But more recently, the girl's career was under threat. At the age of 13, she was attacked by a shark, and the girl lost her arm. She miraculously survived.


But even the loss of a limb could not stop her.Bethany now surfs professionally, wrote the book Soul Surfer, maintains a popular blog and is happily married.

Nick Vuychich

34 years old, writer and speaker


Nick was born in Australia to a family of Serbian immigrants. Due to the terrible diagnosis of tetraamelia, the boy was missing all limbs, but his body was absolutely healthy. Despite his diagnosis, Nick lives a normal life, although he admitted that he previously thought about suicide.


He goes in for sports, graduated from a regular school, writes books, is married and has two completely healthy children. Vujicic travels all over the world giving motivational lectures and inspires millions of people.

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