Did you know what lipstick is made of?
Did you know what lipstick is made of?

Cosmetics is not the last place in the life of every girl. At the moment, there are thousands of ways to care for your face, skin, hair. We try a variety of creams, scrubs, lipsticks, etc. in search of the best. We are trying to find shades of blush, eyeshadow and lipstick that are more suitable for our type of face. And it is very important to choose the right lipstick that will help to present your lips in a favorable light. It is also very important to keep your lips in good condition, use moisturizers and protect them from environmental conditions, especially in winter. But do you know everything about lipstick? Its structure, the substances of which it is composed? Have you ever wondered who first thought about changing the color of the lips or highlighting their natural shades? Below we will tell you a few facts about lipstick that you may not have known.

The history of lipstick begins millennia ago. Since ancient times, women have known that the opposite sex is very attracted to female lips and therefore came up with various ways in order to give them more expressiveness. For example, Egyptian women used olive and almond oil to moisturize their lips, and added brightness with red clay. Our ancestors used the juice of red berries and vegetables, by the way, beets were also used instead of blush. In the 17th century, scarlet lips and pale skin were very popular in Europe, but already in the 18th century, the Christian church announced a ban on cosmetics, and all those who used it were considered witches and burned at the stake.

The industry began at the end of the 19th century, when lipstick acquired a familiar shape that is still used today. Further, the production of various shades of flowers, glitters, balms began, and over time the price for them dropped significantly.

The lipstick is based on fats, oils and various waxes, pigments, plant extracts and vitamins:

  • wax is used to give the lips firmness and shape, and also makes the lips soft
  • one of the main functions of oils is to dissolve pigments in them, they also make them shiny and delicate
  • pigments give colors a variety of shades

But at the same time, there are numerous opinions that lipstick does more harm than good. We must agree that in some cases, lipstick can be harmful, for example, if the expiration date of its use has long expired, or it is impossible to find any information about its manufacturer. The wrong choice can harm your health. When choosing cosmetics, always be attentive to these points so as not to make mistakes and not harm your own health.

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