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Knowledge lies in the universe
Knowledge lies in the universe

The universe is a rather amazing and mostly unexplored place, which is what attracts to itself. Since the cosmos is immense and unexplored, it more attracts the human imagination. Everything in space is of interest. What's so interesting about space?

We decided to present to you, in our opinion, the most exciting phenomena in space.

Even if you stand still, you are still on the move

The human body, or any other object on Earth, is never at rest. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, rotates at a speed of 225 kilometers per second and breaks through space at a speed of 305 kilometers per second. It turns out that we are rushing through space about 530 kilometers, or 330 miles per second. Thus, in one minute you will travel 20,000 kilometers or more than 12,000 miles. And your friends complain that you are standing in the same place.


Unknown asteroid could hit Earth in 2029

According to astronomers, in 2029, a huge asteroid will collide with the earth and destroy life on earth. Asteroids have hit the planet before and caused mass extinctions, so there is an opinion that this could happen again. It is unlikely that an asteroid called Apophis will not collide with the earth.

P. S. In 2013, NASA lab specialists ruled out the possibility of a collision

Neutron stars

Neutron stars are the densest object known in the universe. They are created inside large stars during a supernova explosion. When a star's core collapses, electron and proton pairs are shattered into neutrons.

Although neutron stars are about 10-13 miles in diameter, they are heavier than many stars. The matter of a neutron star is packed so tightly that a piece of it the size of a sugar cube would weigh more than 100 million tons on Earth. It is more than a big mountain.


We are made of stars

Humans are literally made of stellar material. Almost all the chemical elements that make up humans come from stars. Any element heavier than hydrogen originated in stars, and we are definitely made up mostly of hydrogen.

Calcium, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and about 60 other basic elements make up the human body.

The highest mountain is on Mars

Alas, Everest is not the highest point in the solar system. Mount Olympus Mons, which is located on Mars, was awarded this honor. Mons is a giant mound of red mud and rock. This volcanic hippopotamus is 2,400 meters high, making it almost 15 miles taller. Everest, by comparison, is a dwarf.


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