North Korea like you've never seen before. Rare footage
North Korea like you've never seen before. Rare footage

It is believed that in North Korea people are forbidden to laugh, and those rare photos in which you can see them smiling are simply propaganda. But the talented photographer Eric Lafforgue visited North Korea about 6 times and during all this time he managed to capture those rare and sincere smiles of the inhabitants of the most closed country in the world.

  • The actors are sitting on the steps of the film studio. Pyongyang
  • Residents of the city gathered in the park on National Day. Pyongyang
  • A girl in a traditional dress. Pyongyang
  • Little girl at the Kimceniriya and Kimirsenia International Festival. Pyongyang
  • Girl soldier. Samjien
  • Woman with a bouquet of flowers. Pyongyang
  • Mass dances. April 15, Pyongyang
  • North Korean soldiers. Pyongyang
  • A soldier girl next to the Idea Monument in Juche. Pyongyang

Kaesong City Resident

  • Fashionable teenager. Pyongyang
  • Folk dancing in the park
  • Smiling North Koreans

An old resident of Pyongyang

  • Student ball. Pyongyang
  • Children go fishing in Wonsan

Children walking in the amusement park

  • Fertilizer plant worker. Hamkhyn
  • The waitress plays the accordion in one of the restaurants. Pyongyang
  • Workers during a break. Nampo
  • Student ball. Pyongyang

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