8 plus-size life hacks from Ashley Graham
8 plus-size life hacks from Ashley Graham

Many girls with large breasts are familiar with the problem of choosing underwear. And some are sure that a strapless bra is not about them at all. But busty Ashley proves that even girls with big breasts can afford to wear open evening dresses. The secret is simple - you just need to choose a strapless bra one size smaller, which will make the fit and shape of your breasts flawless.

Perfect couple

Ashley believes that every girl's size wardrobe should have the following pair: “Skinny black jeans and an oversized white T-shirt. They are not easy to find, but worth it!"

Wear a bodysuit

“The bodysuit looks incredibly sexy, especially when paired with jeans or pants. Besides, you don't have to correct him or worry about landing him."

Take a closer look at the neoprene

Neoprene is an excellent material for every girl, but especially for girls with curvaceous forms, since the specific properties of this material make it possible to do without shaping underwear.

Wear what you want - at your wedding and in general always

Ashley is sure that finding your style can only be done by trial and error. She encourages all girls to boldly experiment with clothes.

Take time to find the perfect jeans


"Even if you have a tummy or extra inches on your hips, the right jeans will hide all the flaws and make your figure perfect."

Forget about frayed and faded denim

But plus-size girls will have to forget about jeans with "scuffs" and excessive design, since such models focus on problem areas. It is better to opt for plain denim.

Be careful with crop tops


Ashley believes that cropped tops can look perfect on girls with a small size of clothes, and on puffy girls. The main thing is to choose the ideal option. “It's enough to show just a small strip of skin,” says Graham.

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