109-year-old grandfather knits sweaters to save penguins
109-year-old grandfather knits sweaters to save penguins

The world is not without good people. Alfred Date is known in Australia not only as the oldest man in the country, but also became famous for his love of knitting. Alfie became addicted to knitting nearly 80 years ago when his sister invited him to knit a sweater for her nephew. And now, after so many years, living his last years in a nursing home, Alfred is offered to start knitting for little penguins.

The fact is that oil spilled near Philip's Island and the Penguin Protection Fund appealed to all knitting enthusiasts and asked to help protect the animals from death. It turns out that after they swim out of the ocean, animals try to wash off the oil and swallowing it can die. Oil also soaks through the folds of fat under the feathers, which keep them warm, but if the penguins cannot dry their feathers, they will freeze.

This idea inspired Date a lot, he was just happy that his hobby could be useful. And the Penguin Defenders Foundation has declared Alfred Dayy its honorary senior knitter.

The story of the elderly Alfred inspired people so much that now knitted sweaters are sent from all over the world.

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