Celebrities who fell victim to anorexia at a very young age and managed to defeat it
Celebrities who fell victim to anorexia at a very young age and managed to defeat it

Anorexia is a terrible disease that, unfortunately, many girls face. It is an eating disorder, the main causes of which are stress and self-rejection. It requires proper and long-term treatment, the absence of which can lead to serious consequences.

In our today's selection of stars, at a young age, faced with anorexia and managed to overcome it.

Mary-Kate Olsen

31 years old, actress and designer


In 2004, the actress's weight dropped to the extreme mark of 35 kg, and the girl turned to a rehabilitation center. According to the doctors, she turned there a little later, and everything could have ended very sadly.


30 years old, singer


3 years ago, the girl made a statement that she was suffering from anorexia nervosa, and went to a rehabilitation clinic for treatment. According to the girl, her producer is to blame for everything, who persuaded the singer to use drugs and sex. But the court sided with the producer of the star, and ordered Kesha to release 6 more discs under his leadership.

Lindsey Lohan

31 years old, actress


About 10 years ago, the actress literally brought herself to exhaustion. The girl practiced a fruit and juice diet. “I knew that something was wrong with me. I began to suffer from terrible headaches, my hands were shaking. But I didn't really attach much importance to this until my friends sounded the alarm. At that moment I realized that I had big problems and I needed professional help,”Lohan later admitted.

Lady Gaga

31 years old, singer


The singer admitted that she had suffered from bulimia and anorexia since the age of 15. But fortunately, she pulled herself together and even founded a fund to help young people with eating disorders.

Christina Ricci

37 years old, actress


The actress, at a very young age, was on the verge of hospitalization, but she was horrified when she heard about forced feeding through a tube, and pulled herself together. For a year and a half, Christina managed to fully recover.

Lily-Rose Depp

18 years old, model


The girl is only 18 years old, but she has been struggling with anorexia for a long time. “I spent a lot of energy on the fight. I was much younger when I was confronted with anorexia, it was very difficult for me to cope. For a long time now, as I grow up, I have been consistently fighting this problem and am proud of the results that I have already achieved,”admitted Lily-Rose.

Allegra Versace

31 years old, heiress


Donatella Versace's daughter was diagnosed with anorexia in 2007. Then the girl's weight was only 32 kg, and she had to eat through special tubes. Fortunately, the girl managed to overcome herself, and after 5 years she began to appear again.

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