Cyborgs who live among us, as they are
Cyborgs who live among us, as they are

We are all accustomed to thinking that there is only cruelty and injustice around. And sometimes there are not enough good stories that warm the soul. The Editorial Interesting to Know will tell you a story that will help you regain faith in people.

Many years ago, a girl named Tilly had to amputate both hands due to a terrible diagnosis - fulminant meningococcal sepsis (meningitis). Thanks to the support of her parents and the belief that the world is not without kind people, Tilly led a normal life for ten years. Each year, various charities gave the girl new comfortable dentures that were suitable for her age.

As it turns out, Tilly is a huge fan of the Deus Ex series. After the Open Bionics company became aware of the story of Tilly Loki, they decided to create a prosthesis especially for her, just like the hero of the games Adam Jensen. The hand turned out to be not only multifunctional, but also quite fashionable.

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