6 signs to help expose a lie
6 signs to help expose a lie

As one of the most popular TV characters, Dr. House, said: "All people lie." It was like this thousands of years ago, it is happening now and, for sure, it will continue to happen many years later. Hundreds of scientists around the world are studying facial expressions and gestures that betray a person when he lies.

Our site has collected for you several important signs that will help you easily expose deception.

1. Sudden glance to the side

If during a conversation, your interlocutor takes turns looking in your eyes, then in the other direction, while there is no need to doubt the veracity of his words. But if he suddenly, answering your question, looks away and does not look you in the eyes for too long and persistently avoids your gaze, then at that moment he gives you false information. Rest assured that a person who has nothing to hide from you has no need to hide their eyes.

2. Blush

A sudden blush, which is not associated with prolonged exposure to frost or physical exertion, is a reaction of the nervous system. Be sure if your interlocutor suddenly blushes, but before that you did not compliment him - his thoughts and words are not sincere.

3. Insincere smile

Scientists have identified how easy it is to recognize a sincere smile - using the "muscle of affability." The muscle is located in the lower circular part of the eye, when a person smiles sincerely - this muscle is very tense. But during a deceitful smile, the muscle is relaxed, and the smile suddenly appears and disappears.

4. Neurotic touch

Constant discomfort during a conversation is experienced by people who either do not say something, or are trying to deceive you in something. Some of the signs are: light and frequent touches of the nose, forehead, neck, and the interlocutor constantly covers his mouth and lower part of the nose.

5. Control over the upper half of the body

Most often, people who deceive you, trying to hide this fact from you, by all means control the upper part of their body, while forgetting about the lower one. One of the main signs is leg tremors.

6. Hands in a vice

At the moment when a person is cheating, he tries to hide his hands, for example, under a table or in his pockets, cross his fingers in front of him. Be careful!

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