What do the drawings that we unknowingly draw mean?
What do the drawings that we unknowingly draw mean?

Talking on the phone, sitting at a boring lecture, or are you thinking about your own and at the same time drawing incomprehensible scribbles about the meaning of which you did not even think about? It turns out there is a special science - graphology - which deals with the study of handwriting and personality, and machine graphology studies drawings that are the result of the human subconscious. Below are the meanings of some of the pictures that you may not know.

  • Numbers - if you often paint numbers in the margins, then you may be concerned about material values. You count your capital, or money debt.
  • The sun - it is interesting that the sun is drawn in the fields not at all because of the iridescent mood. In most cases, such people lack warmth and light.
  • Various shapes - squares, diamonds and triangles are often drawn by people with strong convictions and empathetic goals. For example, if the shapes are drawn symmetrically, then this is a manifestation of accuracy, prudence and the ability to plan. If the corners are too sharp, then this is a manifestation of aggression.
  • Crosses - the figure can be either simple crosses or decorated with patterns. Crosses are drawn by people who feel guilty, or are weighed down by something - they offended someone, did not do what they promised, etc. It is better to ask for forgiveness and discuss everything calmly.
  • Wavy lines, spirals - this person is not interested in other people's problems, very closed and secretive, does not like to share his problems.
  • Stars - stars in most cases paint optimistic natures, such people never give up and get out of any difficult situation.
  • Trees - thin and bare trees are painted mostly by lonely, confused people, and thick and branchy ones - by cheerful and sociable people.
  • Hearts - people drawing hearts are overwhelmed with feelings, they want to shout about it, but in reality they just restrain themselves. And because the more hearts, the stronger the emotions of a person.

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