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10 rules of good manners on an airplane
10 rules of good manners on an airplane

We've already covered 18 of the most annoying passengers on a plane. But how, then, to behave so as not to be a problem for other passengers and crew members? Interesting to know presents 10 rules to help you and your neighbors spend your time on the plane in comfort.


1. Observe good hygiene

Do not use the toilet for a long time, do not litter in the cabin, be attentive to unpleasant odors (feet).

2. Do not use too harsh perfume

You may not feel the harshness of your own perfume, but do not forget that the people sitting next to you may not appreciate your taste. Also, before the flight, you should refuse products with a pungent smell: garlic, onions, and others.

3. Watch out for your children

No matter how tired you are, remember - you are responsible for the behavior of your children. If you are concerned about another passenger's child, talk to his parents. You should not scold the child himself, teach him the right behavior - this is not your concern.


4. Decide how you will sleep

If you do not want to get into an awkward situation and wake up on the shoulder of another passenger, it is better to buy a special pillow for flights.

5. Do not occupy the armrests if you are not sitting in the middle

Usually the place in the middle is the most inconvenient. The passenger has nowhere to lay his head. Leave the armrests free to reduce the feeling of being cramped. In such a situation, it is quite possible that you will find yourself in the future.

6. Do not occupy the entire luggage compartment

Please be aware that other passengers may also carry carry-on baggage. Don't put your bag horizontally. If you have two bags, place one under the seat in front of you.


7. Get up at a convenient time

If you see a flight attendant with a cart in the aisle, wait. It is also generally accepted that you can not get up before you have collected all the trays after eating.

8. Recline the back of the chair with care

Inform the rear passenger that you want to lower the back of the seat so that he can remove drinks or a laptop from the table. And while eating, return the back to an upright position.

9. Don't get drunk

For some, alcohol makes it easier to get over the flight, but don't forget. It is unlikely that passengers will like the strong smell of alcohol and frequent trips to the toilet.

10. Be polite to your guides

It was not they who came up with the idea that you need to buckle up, but raise the window shades before landing. Expressing your dissatisfaction with the flight attendant, you only make yourself look rude.


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