People who became geniuses after a head injury. Unique stories
People who became geniuses after a head injury. Unique stories

The human brain has been studied for centuries, but at the same time, thousands and thousands of unsolved mysteries remain. Most people dream of waking up and gaining knowledge to which hitherto their brain was not receptive. Such people live among us.

Below, the editors of Our site have collected for you several unique cases of head injuries, after which people woke up with incredible talents and knowledge.

Jason Padgett: Mathematics and Physics

Until the age of 30, Jason worked at his father's furniture factory - after school he did not receive higher education, he spent weekends in bars with friends. But one fine, and maybe evening, Jason got into a fight during which he was severely hit on the head. The next day, instead of a simple Jason, the genius of mathematics and physics woke up.

Orlando Serell: Calendar Computing

Orladno suffered a head injury at the age of 10 while playing baseball and suffered headaches for almost a year. After some time, the boy discovered an incredible ability - he could easily name the day of the week according to the calendar. Serell can count in an instant how many days between two dates, or how many times in a century April 7 falls on Saturday.

Ben McMahon: Chinese

Ben lay in a coma for almost a week after a car accident, the boy's parents were afraid that he would never wake up. But a miracle happened, Ben opened his eyes and … spoke in Chinese! According to Ben himself, when he opened his eyes and saw a Chinese nurse, it seemed to him that he was in China and therefore his brain suddenly started working in the right direction. Interestingly, the Chinese Ben passed only in elementary school and he never had any language ability. Ben currently works as a tour guide for Chinese tourists and maintains a blog in the same language.

Daniel Tammett: mathematics

Daniel first showed his talent for mathematical calculations at the age of three, after his first epileptic seizure. As it turned out, the boy had a syndrome savantism autistic in nature. At the age of 25, Daniel's skills surpassed all the expectations of doctors, now he could immediately calculate the largest and most complex integrals in his head, speak 10 languages, he learned Icelandic in a week on a dispute.

Alonzo Clemons: sculpture

As an infant, Alonzo suffered a head injury after falling to the bathroom floor. The trauma became the reason for the disability of the brain, because of which the boy could neither write nor read. But over time, Alonzo began to show an amazing talent for sculpture. Seeing any animal for just a few seconds, the boy could blind him from nearby handy means. At the moment, Clemons' work is selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

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