Why travel out of season is great?
Why travel out of season is great?

Each of us has a dream city, which we have been going to visit for many years, but we are not going to get together. One of the main reasons is the price, which does not fit into the annual budget. But there is a great way to enjoy an off-season vacation and still pay almost half the price.

Free streets

One of the most obvious reasons why it is better to travel out of season is, of course, the absence of numerous tourists from different countries. Wherever you go, it will be free everywhere, you will not need to wake up early in the morning to have time to take a good shot or stand in line for a free seat in a cafe.

Cheap travel packages

At the end of the season, it will be possible to find cheap flights in any direction, but only one way. Since the charters have to return for vacationers to tourist countries, and the seats must be filled, tickets are sold for a fairly reasonable price.


Another nice plus is free hotels and cheap rooms. Since the season is over and the prices are not so overpriced, you can stay in a good hotel and not overpay. Another plus is the pleasant service, which is not so common during the high season.


You can communicate with locals and get to know the city “from the inside” only in the off-season, when the locals are not trying to earn some money by any means.


In most resort towns, many cafes open only during the season and do not get hung up on service and quality food. But those establishments that are open all year round follow their reputation and guarantee quality food.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, one of them is unpredictable weather, but I think any weather in the city of dreams will be a joy.

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