Arriving in the USSR, Marlene Dietrich wanted to meet with Paustovsky
Arriving in the USSR, Marlene Dietrich wanted to meet with Paustovsky

The meeting of one of the most popular and most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and a Soviet writer from the outside looks at least strange and incredible. What could bind such different people together? Our site will tell you a story that will explain everything.

When Marlene Dietrich arrived in the Soviet Union, she was asked: “What would you like to see in Moscow? Kremlin, Bolshoi Theater, Mausoleum? " And this incredibly beautiful woman replied: “I would like to see the Soviet writer Konstantin Paustovsky. This is my dream for many years!"


To say that those present were dumbfounded is to say nothing. World star - and "some" Paustovsky ?! What nonsense ?!

But everyone - on their feet! And by evening Paustovsky, already seriously ill, was finally found. What happened then at Dietrich's performance became a legend. The old man came out on the stage, staggering slightly. And the world star, a friend of Remarque and Hemingway, - suddenly, without saying a word, knelt in front of him in her evening dress, embroidered with stones. The dress was narrow, the threads began to burst and stones fell on the stage. And she kissed his hand, and then pressed it to her face, flooded with absolutely not cinematic tears.

And the whole large hall froze at first, and then suddenly - slowly, uncertainly, looking around, as if ashamed of something! - began to get up. And literally burst into applause!

And then, when Paustovsky was seated in an armchair, and the audience, beating off their palms, fell silent, Marlene Dietrich explained that she considers the story of Konstantin Paustovsky "Telegram", which she accidentally read in translation in some German collection, to be the greatest literary event in her life. “Since then, I have felt a certain duty - to kiss the hand of the writer who wrote this. And now - it came true! I am happy that I managed to do it. Thanks!"

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