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3 questions you shouldn't ask in a job interview
3 questions you shouldn't ask in a job interview

Even a successful interview can be ruined by asking the wrong questions. Our site will tell you what is better not to talk about at the interview.

1. How often do your employees take a break?

Relaxing with colleagues after work is a normal desire. Moreover, you spend a lot of time together. But the employer may misunderstand you and think that you have come not to work, but to rest.

Instead of this it is worth rephrasing the question. For example: "I would like to learn more about the culture of the company." Usually, this question is followed by a story about the traditions and leisure of the group. The employer will love that you are interested in employees and will perceive you as a team member.


2. Did I get the job?

In most cases, the company needs time to consider your candidacy. You must understand this and not ask what impression you left. This, at the very least, will sound silly.

Instead of this it is better to think about how to win the interlocutor more favorably. If you are anxious to find out whether they took you or not, subtly find out when to expect an answer.


3. If the interview fails, can you apply for another vacancy in the company?

Recruiters often save the resume of even those candidates who did not fit and can invite them to another position. But the employer is unlikely to want to hire a person who asked for it himself.

Instead of this tell me that you would like to work for this company someday. Tell us that you enjoyed the interview and that you follow the business of the company.


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