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10 hairstyles that will make you a granny. Useful Tips
10 hairstyles that will make you a granny. Useful Tips

The main and key link in creating an image for girls is hair. With the help of a hairstyle, you can correct the contours of the face, hide chubby cheeks or emphasize the length of the neck. But if you or your hairdresser makes a mistake in choosing a new shade or hair length, then be ready to look at all 40 at 25! The editors of Our site have collected for you several classic mistakes that most of us make:

Haircut too short

A "boyish" hairstyle is more suitable for girls with an ideal face shape and cheekbones, in any other cases there is a chance to emphasize flaws.

Too long curls

If most often in everyday life you wear your hair loose, then it should not be below the shoulder blades, otherwise you risk turning into a lady with Rapunzel syndrome

Black hair

Black has the uniqueness of highlighting the smallest wrinkles and circles under the eyes, so if black is not your natural color, then try chocolate shades.

Bleached hair

If you decide to dye your hair platinum blonde, then you should know that it opens all parts of your face and emphasizes any age-related manifestations. And besides, it is very difficult to find a master who will perfectly dye your hair.

Color in gray tone

Perhaps you already know, but I repeat - the gray hair ages. Wait a little and soon you won't need to pay for such a shade.

Red or purple hair

Firstly, bright colors do not suit everyone, and secondly, red has long been out of fashion.

Hair-to-hair styling

The curls on which you spent half a day and poured out almost the entire bottle of varnish add you at least 5-7 years.


Backbrush and volumizing products add a couple of years to you, as if you were trying to cover up thinning hair.

Caret "hat"

Fashion on a square with a "hat" remained in the 80s, it is better to try something fashionable and bright

"Bagel" on top of the head

Babette remained in the last century, even if you are Jennifer Lopez, you should not risk it

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