7 facts about a soldier, a clown, an actor, a person - Yuri Nikulin
7 facts about a soldier, a clown, an actor, a person - Yuri Nikulin

It turns out that Yuri Nikulin owes his unique "corporate" humor to his father Vladimir Nikulin. When he and his family were still living near Smolensk in the town of Demidovo, Vladimir ran his own mobile theater of revolutionary humor "Terevyum", and also played on the stage of the local drama theater. For many years he wrote scripts for the circus and stage in Moscow.

Two wars and three medals

Immediately after school, Yuri went to the front, where he was caught by the Great Patriotic War. Until 1943, Nikulin was near Leningrad, but was soon wounded, underwent a serious operation, and after recovery he returned to the front and served until the very end. He was awarded three medals: "For Courage", "For the Defense of Leningrad" and "For Victory over Germany."

Not handsome enough

Surprisingly, Nikulin was not accepted into any theater school. At VGIK, the commission considered his appearance not suitable for the stage, while others simply did not notice his acting talent.

Childhood dream

Yuri did not grieve for a long time and nevertheless decided to make his old dream come true - to become a clown. As a child, often visiting the circus backstage, Nikulin dreamed of such a life - cheerful, bright and carefree. Nikulin entered the clownery studio at the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, where in the future he moved to the post of chief director.

Moscow circus and great mentor

Nikulin got into the group of the greatest Pencil, whose assistant was 2, 5 years. There he also met Mikhail Shuydin, with whom he left his mentor and created the most popular duet of all times "Nikulin and Shuydin".

More than love

Nikulin also met his future wife thanks to the circus. For one of the humorous scenes, Pencil needed a foal, which he noticed from the stables of the Timiryazev Academy, the animal was sent to the circus under the responsibility of Tatyana Pokrovskaya. But during the performance, something frightened the horse and she beat Nikulin with her hooves. Tatyana began to visit the circus performer in the hospital and it was then that a romantic relationship began between them. Soon Tatyana also moved to Tsvetnoy Boulevard and helped her husband in some rooms.

Legendary Film Actor

Nikulin nevertheless achieved recognition in acting - at the age of 36 he got his first role. At the beginning of his career, he was offered only comedic roles, but soon his talent as a dramatic actor was also appreciated. Such films were: "When the trees were big", then "To me, Mukhtar", "They fought for their homeland", "Andrei Rublev" and "Scarecrow".

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