Who did this to the trees? Boggles the mind
Who did this to the trees? Boggles the mind

Every day, more and more diverse, interesting, strange, and sometimes shocking photos that cannot be simply ignored appear on the network. More recently, a new mystery has appeared, which is already being discussed by the whole world.

In one of the cities of Poland, a forest was found, but not simple, but crooked! About 400 trees are curved at 90 degrees at the very base. Locals still cannot figure out the true reason and the culprits for such an incredible change that happened to so many trees.

One of the most common beliefs is that trees were bent by the inhabitants of this area back in 1930 for shipbuilding and furniture making. But not everyone agrees with this idea. There is, of course, the thought of the intervention of otherworldly forces, and this version is explained in a very unusual way. It turns out that all the trees are bent in one direction - to the North, which would have been difficult for a person to do almost 80 years ago.

What do you think could have caused such an unusual cataclysm?

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