If you have lost hope, put everything aside, take a piece of paper and a pen
If you have lost hope, put everything aside, take a piece of paper and a pen

There are moments in life when everything gets out of hand and only destructive thoughts come to mind. At such times, the writers Esther and Jerry Hicks suggest using the Attention Wheel method.

  • First, draw a large circle on a piece of paper and a small circle in the center (about 5 cm in diameter). Then sit back in your chair, relax and gaze at the small circle. Feel that your gaze is focused on him.
  • Now close your eyes for a few moments and pay attention to those events that aroused strong negative emotions in you. Be clear about what you don't want.
  • After that it will be the turn to say: “I know exactly what I don’t want. So what do I want? "
  • Try to be clear about what you want. It is best if you are guided by how you want to feel about the situation. Briefly state your desire and write it down in a small circle - the center of the wheel.

Along the perimeter of the circle, write down your thoughts about your goal, the result of achieving it, what lifts your mood. And so continue to write them around the perimeter of the large circle. Start at 12 o'clock (as if you were looking at the dial) and then work clockwise - 1 hour, 2 hours, and so on, until you have 12 sentences that generate positive emotions in you

For example, if you really want to lose weight, write this in the center of a small circle, and place all your motivations in the sectors so that by writing in the last sector you will already feel a real ability to achieve results.


The Attention Wheel is so effective in the first place because the statements you write are your conscious choice. They represent beliefs that you have always believed to be true and that at the same time coincide with your desires.

Thus, by focusing on the goal in the center of the wheel, you find more and more evidence that it is real to realize your intentions. You will definitely achieve whatever you want, you just have to start.

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