These proven methods will help you distinguish an original from a fake
These proven methods will help you distinguish an original from a fake

Every time we buy an expensive perfume, we cannot get rid of the feeling of doubt - is it really the original? Today we're going to teach you 6 ways you can never go wrong.

1. Kissed packaging

You will not be allowed to feel the scent of perfume in the store, and therefore, you need to learn how to distinguish perfumes visually. Remember the most important thing! The original perfume is wrapped in cellophane by the thermo method and therefore it fits very tightly to the box. If your perfume is wrapped in cellophane and glued with glue, then it is definitely a fake.

2. Box

The first thing to look out for is, of course, the brand name. Believe me, there are a million cases when an uncountable number of errors were found on fake packaging. If everything is fine with the name, let's move on.

  1. Pay attention to the word "parfume", which is spelled in this way on fakes, which is completely wrong. The only correct option is "parfum".
  2. The box should indicate not just the country where the perfume was brought from, but exactly made. Not so “Italy”, but “Made in Italy”.
  3. Mandatory information on the box: expiration date, country of origin, its composition, milliliter (volume).

3. Signs

  1. The best option would be to download an app that reads the barcodes and tells you where the code was made. If the location is the same as the country of origin, then you're in luck.
  2. The recycling sign must be legible.
  3. Look for the number (circled) on the package and try to find the same numbers on the bottle. This is a serial number that won't erase if you rub it a little with your finger.

4. Additional construction

There must be an additional structure inside the box. It is necessary in order to avoid the bottle "dangling" in the box.

5. Color

First, compare the color of the liquid in your bottle with the color of the perfume on the official brand page. If it seems to you that the photo may have been edited, then remember - the color of the original perfume is always delicate.

6. Bottle cap

Another way, last but not least, is that the bottle cap must be symmetrical. Also, be sure to check on the manufacturer's official page what material the cover is made of, and compare with yours.

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