10 revelations of plastic surgeons that break stereotypes about their work
10 revelations of plastic surgeons that break stereotypes about their work

The American edition of Buzzfeed interviewed several doctors at American plastic surgery clinics. They talked about what they were doing and what was interesting about their hard work. Our site will tell you more about the life of doctors.


1. No, not all of us live in palaces, wear Versace and have fun on a yacht every weekend

Such a luxurious life only happens in the movies. In fact, we do not wear insanely expensive clothes, do not drive around in luxurious cars and do not live in mansions, although we earn quite a lot.

2. We care about our appearance, it's true

It's hard to find a hairdresser who doesn't take care of his hair. Likewise, you will not find an unkempt, unhealthy surgeon. We try to keep an eye on our appearance.


3. Plastic surgery is an extremely broad field that includes many more things than liposuction and breast augmentation

Plastic surgery is much more than what people usually see in movies and TV shows. There is manual surgery, pediatric plastic surgery (for birth defects like cleft lip), cosmetic surgery, peripheral nervous system surgery, microsurgery, and general plastic surgery, which is a mixture of many of these things.

4. Plastic surgeons in the United States study for at least 14 years after high school, and their residency training is especially stressful compared to other medical students

We would like people to better understand how much work we invest in obtaining professional certification and how many responsible decisions we make.


5. There are two main types of specialists: one is involved in aesthetic surgery and the other is in reconstructive surgery

Aesthetic, or cosmetic, surgery helps those who want to change something in their appearance. This includes tummy tuck, liposuction, buttock lift and the like. Reconstructive surgery can deal with birth defects, with the consequences of unsuccessful operations and accidents.


6. In plastic surgery, there is no single "correct" way to perform an operation. It happens that the same procedure can be performed in 25 different ways.

How many different types of ears, noses, and lips do you know? There are tons of different options for each procedure, and this is one of the coolest things about our work.


7. Botox saves not only from wrinkles. It also helps with excessive sweating, migraines, and twitching of the eyelids or eyebrows

8. We refuse about 30% of people who seek the services of aesthetic surgery because their expectations are unrealistic or they want to harm their health

Some patients want something fantastic or harmful to their health. We refuse such people, even if they offer big money.


9. During the operation, we can experiment a little to make sure everything turns out perfectly the way the patient wants it

All surgeons are perfectionists. Usually we know approximately how long the operation will take, but usually we leave some time for experiments. For example, we can consider different breast implants and choose the perfect one.

10. We try not to evaluate people's appearance in everyday life, but sometimes it happens

No, we don't go in circles, wondering how we want to fix the shape of the nose of that person over there. But sometimes we think about what procedures would be useful to people. After all, this is a significant part of our life, so it can be difficult to distract from it.


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