How did we even survive !? Dedicated to children in the 50-60-70-80s
How did we even survive !? Dedicated to children in the 50-60-70-80s

This question is being asked by many. As a child, we did not use seat belts and airbags in the car. We were happy when we rode a horse-drawn cart on a warm summer day.

Show someone whose bed hasn't been painted with bright, lead-rich paints? Who remembers how we drank water from the water pump on the corner?

We rode a bicycle without a helmet. We made carts and scooters from boards and bearings from the landfill, but when we returned home, we remembered that we forgot to attach the brakes.


Well, who didn't leave home early in the morning and play all day? Only the laziest. And there were no mobile phones …

We fought, knocked out each other's teeth, but there were no cases when someone sued someone. We walked around bruised, but did not pay attention to it.

We could eat ice cream all day, but it didn't make us fat. And why? Because they played on the street all the time. Several people could drink from one bottle, no one died from this. We didn't have Playstation, computers and 200 satellite TV channels. We ran to the nearest house to watch cartoons, because not everyone had VCRs.

But we had friends. We found them when we left the house. We knocked on the door, rang the doorbell, or just walked in and saw them. Without asking! Themselves in this cruel world! And how did we survive?


And who remembers our invented games with sticks and cans? How did we steal apples from orchards and ate pitted cherries, hoping they would not sprout in our belly? Everyone signed up for football or hockey, but did not always get into the team. But this is how we learned to deal with disappointments.

During school breaks, we poured water on each other with old reusable syringes!

We have always been responsible for our actions. It never even occurred to us to get away from the army or the police. And the parents of those years took the side of the law.

This was the generation that gave birth to people who could solve their problems themselves, could create something that did not exist before.

And if you are from this generation, then congratulations. Our life is made up of miracles. There are not 7 of them, but much more.

Isn't the first Soviet after-shave product a miracle? These are pieces of newspaper. And the tuning of the Moskvich-412 car? 5-kopeck coins around the perimeter of the windshield, a fur steering wheel, an epoxy gear knob with a rose and, of course, a police cap on the rear window.

South Bronx, 1970

And what about an elastic band from panties? Jam pie?

Who said: "Raise your hands, those who had a normal labor teacher … and not an alien?"

Another miracle from mom: "I'll buy it for you now, but it's for your birthday."

Grandmother's magic phrase: "Just return the banks!"

And the ZIL refrigerator with a strange handle is a separate topic altogether!

Do you still have medicines in the fridge on the side of the door too?

How many more such miracles were there? A pissing boy on the toilet door, a Rubin TV, swimming trunks with an anchor, milk in triangular bags …

We used to do a lot of things that we won't do now, because they might be mistaken for a madman. For example, a faceted glass in vending machines with soda water. Who will drink from the common cup now? Today it will be stolen within 5 seconds after installing the machine.

Do you remember the people who hung a sheet on the wall, turned off the light and muttered something under their breath in the dark? Now they would be called a sect!

758200 06/01/1975 Children's playground in a courtyard in Moscow. Yuri Abramochkin / RIA Novosti

And who was sitting in the bathroom in the dark with a glowing flashlight? This is how photographs were printed.

Well, do you remember what a fixer is? Girls, do you remember the rubber bands? Surprisingly, not a single boy knows the rules of this game!

And how did we hand over about 40 milk-kefir bottles to buy 1 Laser chewing gum … And what about the daily queues in stores for bread? Who has rags like Abibas, Roobok and Sany and Panasound tape recorders?

Then there were no diapers and newfangled toys. There were friendly neighbors on the landing, and mothers calmly let the children go for a walk, not fearing that they would be stolen.


We were like this, but this is what we have become:

1.we mistakenly print the system access password on the microwave.

2. we have a list of 15 numbers of family members, which consists of 3 people.

3. We send an e-mail to a colleague sitting in the next room.

4. we have lost contact with our friends or family because they do not have an email address.

5. After work, we return home and answer the phone as if we were still at work.

7. We get into a state of panic when we leave the house without a mobile phone.

8. We wake up in the morning and go to the Internet first.

9. we tilt our heads to the side to smile:-).

10. you agree with this text. You are smiling now.

11. Even worse, you already know who you will forward this post to.

12.You're too keen to notice that number 6 is missing from this list.

13. It only took you a second to run through the article again and make sure # 6 really isn't.

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