"She did it to spite me!" Mother-in-law came to the wedding in a white dress
"She did it to spite me!" Mother-in-law came to the wedding in a white dress

A wedding is the most important day in a girl's life. Each bride begins to prepare for it in advance, thinks over the smallest details of dress, makeup and accessories. And of course, she wants to be the brightest star of the celebration on this day. Well, if something suddenly does not go according to plan, then it can be upset in earnest. For the heroine of our story, such a "stumbling block" was the outfit chosen by the future mother-in-law for the holiday.

The mother of her future husband chose for herself, as it seemed to her, quite a suitable dress. But for the bride, the sight of this dress caused a whole storm of negative emotions. She shared the picture online and wrote: “Just look what my mother-in-law decided to wear to our wedding! Is it okay to come to a wedding in a white dress? And even to the groom's mother! I'm sure she did it to spite me!"


Some users tried to calm down the raging bride, convincing her that the dress, in principle, does not look like a wedding dress at all, and is unlikely to be able to "overshadow" her outfit at the celebration. Others noted that it is not even white, but cream, is it worth it to worry? There were also those who agreed with the bride, believing that the mother-in-law did it in spite, deciding to annoy the bride. On one thing, however, almost everyone agreed - a girl should just talk to her husband's mother "heart to heart" in order to understand each other and come to an agreement.

Why do you think the mother-in-law could choose such an inappropriate dress for the holiday?

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