Here's how to scare off a gopnik with one phrase 3 ingenious tips
Here's how to scare off a gopnik with one phrase 3 ingenious tips

Those who have met such a category of people who need to be fought off, that is, "gopniks" for sure, know how important it is to know at least a couple of words that will not bring the matter to the kulaks.

The users of the portal TheQuestion told how to "sew off" a gopnik so that later neither you nor he had to rush to hospitals and courts.


Story 1

Mom, young, pretty and courageous, returned home in the evening. I saw a local bastard who clearly needed a reason to dig in. She was not at a loss, came up, said that it was already dark and she was afraid to walk alone along the alley. The guys were at first taken aback, but, having come to their senses, led her home, then they asked for a number. Mom, although young, was smart: the gopniks took her to the entrance of a completely different house, and she didn’t give her number.

This very technique in psychology is called Ericksonian hypnosis. A lot has been written about him and a lot of examples … For all occasions.

Story 2

When he was young, he ran into 2 gopniks. They blocked my way and asked for money for a drink. I was smart then, began to speak in English, they say I am a tourist, I don't understand anything … The guys immediately brought themselves in order, asked where I came from and would stay here for a long time … And so it carried away.

Story 3

When I realized that my health was in serious danger, I started yelling “Come on here! Now I will infect all of you with AIDS! I will not die alone! " We scattered.

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