12 cool quotes that will tell everything and even more about this world
12 cool quotes that will tell everything and even more about this world

Sometimes, in a difficult moment, or when simply (suddenly) melancholy rolls over (although everything seems to be good), you need to remember what is important to you. Close your eyes and imagine it in front of you! Or you can just try to remember a couple of smart thoughts that (probably) not everything that we think is so important is that important.

The Interesting to Know editorial board offers readers some interesting, entertaining and unusual discoveries of human thought that will surely make you think about the important (and really).

All people bring happiness. Some by their presence, others by their absence.

Life is somewhat like a buffet. Someone takes from her as much as he wants, someone - as much as his conscience allows, others - as much arrogance. But the rule for all of us is the same: you can't take anything with you.

In supermarkets, by and large, only two things are sold - garbage bags and garbage bags.

Life is movement: some wiggle their convolutions, others flap their ears.

In a dream, either they do not see anything, or they see something interesting. You need to learn the same in reality: either nothing, or interesting. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

In mathematics, zero raised to any power is still zero, but in life any stupidity raised to a power is called public opinion.


Sarcasm originated in the course of evolution to enable smart people to survive in a society of idiots.

I am concerned not so much with the size of corruption in our country as with the impossibility of participating in it …

The mentality is what some people assimilate with their mother’s milk, others with their father’s port.

The goal of a good liberal arts education is to teach you how to think philosophically about the lack of money.

You need to live easier - therefore, make life difficult not for yourself, but for others …

It happens that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, peering into them. (Roman Nadiryan)

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