"Women are undeniably smarter than men": 20 apt quotes by Marlene Dietrich
"Women are undeniably smarter than men": 20 apt quotes by Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich was not only the most beautiful and outstanding actress of the 20th century, but was also considered a style icon, imitated by thousands of women. They still talk about her personal life, because all the great minds of that time dreamed of at least touching her, but Marlene never wanted to be someone's, she wanted freedom and love. Dietrich spent the last 15 years of her life in an apartment in Paris and communicated with the outside world only by phone.

20 apt quotes from Marlene Dietrich that will make you fall in love with her again.

"If you come back at nine in the evening instead of seven, and he has not called the police yet, then the love has already passed."

"Everyone who has been seduced wants to seduce himself."

“Red dresses have to be bought with great care, and you don’t have to wear them very often. However, I understand women who ventured to make such a purchase. After all, men are always interested in: "Who is this girl in a red dress?"


“Women are undeniably smarter than men. There is hardly a woman who would be crazy about a man just because of his beautiful legs."

"For a woman, beauty is more important than mind, because it is easier for a man to look than to think."

"Women are divided into two categories: absent-minded, who always forget gloves on the couch, and attentive, who always bring one glove home."

"It's better to buy one pair of good shoes than three pairs of bad ones."

"Only a woman can see another woman with microscopic accuracy."


"Love for this or that city is conditioned by the feelings that one had to experience in it, and not by the city itself."

"Almost every woman would like to be faithful, the only difficulty is finding a man to be faithful to."

"It is easier for ugly girls to lead a modest life."

"A true woman does not worry - she does."

"A friend is someone you can call at 4 in the morning."

“It's important to know your Achilles heel and not let others touch it.”

“I personally don't like pouting lips. But many men fall for it. So keep pouting!"

"People look at me like a tennis match, only they don't move their eyes from left to right, but from top to bottom."


"Keep your mouth shut if you can't offer something in return for what you don't like."

“In love, pride is more dangerous for women than for men. If you need to save the situation, a man forgets about his pride easier and faster."

"It's so easy to be kind. You just need to imagine yourself in the place of another person before you start judging him."

"Tenderness is a better proof of love than the most passionate vows."

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