"Lovely couple" - a wonderful story in which all words begin with the letter "P"
"Lovely couple" - a wonderful story in which all words begin with the letter "P"

In order to somehow diversify your working days, the editorial board of our site invites you to read a short story. The phenomenon of this work is that in the text all words begin with the letter "P"! Incredible, but it really is possible!


Pyotr Petrovich Petukhov, lieutenant of the fifty-fifth Podolsk infantry regiment, received a letter in the mail full of pleasant wishes.

“Come,” wrote the lovely Polina Pavlovna Perepelkina, “let's talk, dream, dance, take a walk, visit a half-forgotten half-overgrown pond, go fishing. Come, Pyotr Petrovich, to visit as soon as possible."

Petukhov liked the offer. I figured I would come. He grabbed a half-worn field cloak and thought: it will come in handy.

The train arrived in the afternoon. Peter Petrovich was received by the most respectable dad of Polina Pavlovna, Pavel Panteleimonovich.

“Please, Pyotr Petrovich, sit down more comfortably,” said the father. A bald nephew came up, introduced himself: “Porfiry Platonovich Polikarpov. We ask, we ask."

The lovely Polina appeared. A transparent Persian shawl covered her full shoulders. We talked, joked, invited to dinner. Dumplings, pilaf, pickles, liver, pate, pies, cake, half a liter of orange were served. We had a hearty lunch. Pyotr Petrovich felt a pleasant satiety.

After a meal, after a hearty snack, Polina Pavlovna invited Pyotr Petrovich to take a walk in the park. A half-forgotten half-overgrown pond stretched in front of the park. We took a ride under the sails. After swimming on the pond, we went for a walk in the park.

“Let's sit down,” Polina Pavlovna suggested. We sat down. Polina Pavlovna moved closer. We sat and were silent. The first kiss sounded.

Pyotr Petrovich got tired, offered to lie down, spread his half-worn field cloak, thought: it came in handy. We lay down, rolled around, fell in love. “Pyotr Petrovich is a prankster, a scoundrel,” Polina Pavlovna said as usual.

"Marry, marry!" - whispered the bald nephew.

"We'll get married, we'll get married," said the daddy who came up.

Pyotr Petrovich turned pale, staggered, then ran away. Running, I thought: "Polina Petrovna is a wonderful game, to be so full of steam."

Before Pyotr Petrovich the prospect of getting a wonderful estate flashed through. Hastened to send an offer. Polina Pavlovna accepted the offer, and later got married. Friends came to congratulate, brought gifts. Passing the package, they said: "Lovely couple."

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