"Cultural program" What to do and where to go on New Year's days
"Cultural program" What to do and where to go on New Year's days

For the new 2020, everyone is already thoroughly preparing and many things have been redone long ago, gifts have been bought (well, at least they have probably already been presented to the closest ones), the menu for the new year has already been drawn up, products are slowly starting to be purchased, outfits are selected, hairstyles and manicure have already been chosen. Hopefully the new year will pass as beautifully as possible. Okay, let's say we know what we're going to do on New Year's Eve, and then? Sitting at the table, eating the leftovers of Olivier and watching TV?

Well, so-so perspective, so we suggest you not stay at home, but spend your holidays with benefit. We offer you a cultural program for the whole family.



Think primitive? Not at all. It's a wonderful winter sport, ice skating brings you closer together, it's fun, it's interesting, and if suddenly you don't know how to ride them, then it's time to start.

Take a walk in the center

You will probably think that this is corny, and you are completely too lazy to dress and go out, but do not forget that on this day the city is beautifully and beautifully decorated, you need to go out to people, beautifully meet the year that has come, take photographs near the decorated places and drink hot coffee.



It's time to visit museums in which you have not been or have not been at all. I am sure that on weekdays you simply will not have time to go to such places, and New Year's holidays are a great opportunity.


Yes! Take popcorn, go to some light film, better a comedy and laugh heartily, because nothing is more important in these days of complete calmness and good mood.


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