3 unexpected female tricks that men love
3 unexpected female tricks that men love

Women are sure that men are very easy to guess, some need only one meeting, and they probably already know what a man wants. But do not rush to jump to conclusions. Many men only at first glance seem so superficial and uninteresting.

In fact, they also hide many secret desires that you don't know about.

We invite you to find out about 3 unexpected female tricks that men love, but you never knew about it before.

First step

We all know the stereotype that a man is a conqueror and he himself will be the first to take steps towards the “victim”. But numerous polls claim that men like it when a woman is the first to take bold steps.


Unexpected kisses

As for tenderness and expressions of affection, men, as well as the fair sex, love surprises. Kissing is especially capable of melting a man's heart.

Look in the eyes

A direct look into the eyes attracts and hypnotizes a man. They love this moment as much as touch.


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