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Fascinating shots of the best masters of landscape photography
Fascinating shots of the best masters of landscape photography

Landscape photography or landscape photography is one of the most popular trends in this genre. It takes a lot of work to learn how to take good pictures in this genre. After all, you need to cover the color, horizon, angle, perspective, so that the panorama is in full view.

And there are people who have worked hard and deserve to be called the best masters in this direction.

In this article, we bring you the best photographers in the industry and their shots.

Daniil Korzhonov - master of adventure

Daniel Kordan: Midnight Sun

He was born in a beautiful lake village near Moscow. Nature is an inspiration for the photographer. He traveled the world. I have been to Tuscany and the Lofoten Islands for the longest time. In order to shoot his famous painting "Midday Sun" he climbed the Husfjellet mountain of the Norwegian island of Senja.

Lars van de Goor - master of forest landscapes

Lars Van De Goor: Early Morning Shuffle

The Dutch photographer was inspired by romantic landscape paintings, in particular by the work of Dutch masters.

Art Wolfe - Conservation Photography Master

Art Wolfe: Alsek Lake

He is one of the first organizers of a photography competition in this genre. He took about 2 million photos in his entire life, and his pictures have been presented in many exhibitions of the most prestigious museums in the world.

Marc Adamus - Wildlife Master

Marc Adamus: Heaven On Earth

The American photographer is one of the most popular specialists in this genre. It is capable of capturing light and huge panoramas, thereby creating epic and wonderful images. A photographer spends weeks or months to get the shot he wants.

David Naughton - Master of Light

David Noton: Emerald Lake

He has won several BBC Wildlife Photography Awards. He is recognized as the best master who knows how to correctly catch light.

Colin Pryor (Colin Prior) - vertex master

Colin Prior: Trango Towers

Colin has traveled to over 40 countries and lived alone for a long period of time to concentrate on one job. He has published seven books, including the world famous Wild Places and Living Tribes of the World, and recently completed a four-year project in the Karakoram Mountains.

Joe Cornish (Joe cornish) - balance master

Joe Cornish: Hodge Close And Langdale Pikes

The British photographer's early inspirations range from military and documentary photographers to iconic American photographers Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.

Mark Bauer (Marc bauer) - master of mood

Mark Bauer: Evening Light, The Ice Beach

Mark Bauer has been a professional landscape photographer since 2003. He has won awards in several major competitions, including the International Photographer of the Year. Mark is best known for its tranquil, atmospheric landscapes captured in beautiful light. Its purpose is simply to showcase the natural beauty of the environment.

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