Facebook user collected the funniest and craziest headlines of 2017
Facebook user collected the funniest and craziest headlines of 2017

2017 was, frankly, a crazy year. Moreover, the scale is quite impressive and has affected almost all spheres of life that can only be named. Do not believe that everything is so amazing? Then take a look at the selection of Facebook user Yuri Uskov. A young man from Minsk published a whole poem on his page, consisting of real media headlines for 2017. Yuri, as a commentary on his work, wrote: “Throughout 2017, I was engaged in collecting real news headlines from real media, which show what a wonderful world we live in. There were more than a thousand of them”. Read below about the headlines that have shocked us in the past year.

Residents of Lobnya accidentally trampled down a pentagram in the city center

An expert on the project of exporting Baikal water to China: "Baikal is huge: if all people on Earth are drowned there, its water level will rise by only three centimeters."

Depeche Mode's new album contains no songs about Smolensk

Simferopol firefighters let priests hold their hoses

The ship with rams "Ashot-7" sank Russian warship reconnaissance

A turnstile in one Eagle trolleybus is needed to establish the "truth according to Hegel"


In Chelyabinsk, May Day participants will be allowed in a circle with a camel

Winnie the Pooh robbed a tourist near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

A bag of rubber crocodiles was stolen from the head of the department of a Moscow university

The Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Breeding has created an alternative to Windows

Evgeny Shashin, bartender: “Campari is like anal sex. He starts to like it after the third time"

Fewer people died in Buryatia than the government expected

Surrogate poisoning: Jesus brought a can of methanol


Obsessive cooks from Moscow are again somewhere in Khakassia

Headstone with the inscription "We will never forget you" forgotten at Dublin airport

Near Volgograd, 500 people spent the whole weekend sober

The reason for the marriage of engines for the "Proton" rockets was the hospital of the Voronezh storekeeper

Prince Charles was taken aback upon learning about Buryatia

In Novosibirsk, the egg of the architect Gennady Arbatsky was cast from concrete

The only guslar in the Far East escaped from the past and was caught

Kemerovo resident terrorizes neighbors by recording his cough

Concrete balls are rolling along the streets of Saratov for the third month

Sleepy hamster left two villages without internet in Zhytomyr region

Ukupnik: "Trump is the only US President who has a photo with me"


A resident of Kazan was late for the court hearing in the theft case, because at that time she was stealing

In Russia, methyl alcohol was offered to be made tasteless

Sevastopol residents usually die in their free time - Sevastopolstat

Locomotive drivers in Syzran are registered as drivers in BlaBlaCar and carry passengers to Samara

Elite black caviar for GUM and Azbuka Vkusa was made in a pigsty near Tver

In Kiev, found an underground shop for the production of Turkish delight

A resident of Saransk wounded her husband on the day of the 40th birthday of Nikolai Baskov

On Saturday, drug-free cyclists will ride the streets of Chernihiv for the first time

Traffic accident in Novorossiysk: Jews were not injured

The transporter of the insides was given out by the eyes


The Loch Ness monster may not have died

Novosibirsk citizen paid alimony to save virtual zucchini

In Volgodonsk, one participant of the competition "Who will drink more vodka" died and five more ended up in intensive care

A resident of the Leningrad region wanted to open canned food, but opened himself

A third of the residents of the Sverdlovsk region are engaged in something incomprehensible

Volgograd border guards detained a woman who was pursued by a mania to get to Kazakhstan

In Samara, a man lost a package

In Obninsk, gypsies trade bitcoins on the street

Russian military will stop equipping laptops with sledgehammers

In Omsk, a girl with a criminal past ran into a man with an excellent memory

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