"Was wise": The rules of life of Faina Ranevskaya, which turned out to be the truth of life
"Was wise": The rules of life of Faina Ranevskaya, which turned out to be the truth of life

Nothing can be better than a funny woman with a wonderful sense of humor and self-irony. This was confirmed by the wonderful actress of the last century and just a wise woman Faina Ranevskaya. It cannot be said that the life of the legendary Ranevskaya was happy and smooth, but she was a very intelligent woman who knows her own worth for sure. She had several rules in life, which are definitely true and for all occasions.


Not all people are as smart and deep as the sea

Faina Ranevskaya always emphasized that some people are not so deep-minded. In fact, there are much more primitives and you shouldn't look for something very clever in them. Many are just empty.

No need to dwell on a dream

The actress said a very correct phrase about it: "Everything will come true, you just need to get sick"



Do not tolerate tactlessness, immediately make it clear that what the person said was rude. Therefore, to the question "are you sick" Faina answered "No, I always look like that."

Don't make people a cult

There is no one better or worse than us. You should not put someone above or below yourself. Remember, we are all human beings, and even beautiful people go to the toilet and that's okay.


Good breeding and a broad soul are two different concepts

Not all people who speak beautifully are kind. They are often brought up to the maximum. The main thing is to understand and accept this fact. Be picky. After all, it is not the one who is bad, who is emotional and rude, but the one who is quiet and modest.

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