"Nobody will love you more anyway"
"Nobody will love you more anyway"

Lena was a real star, the soul of the company. She was never distinguished by her impeccable beauty, but she easily fell in love with men. Elena changed partners like gloves and left when she got bored. She had a friend, one of those who will help out, give a lift and listen at any time, without demanding anything in return. Once Pasha, stopping her on the landing, whispered, approaching Lena: “Marry me. Nobody will love you as I do”.


Lena thought about it and agreed. She played with him, started romances on the side, left several times, but always returned, and he faithfully waited for his Lenochka. Lena worked for her own pleasure, often allowed herself to be lazy and "sick" whenever she liked. Pasha worked two jobs to support his family.

Once Lena was carried away by some man and was going to leave completely and irrevocably. Lying next to Paul, she thought about how to tell him about it. Wise Pasha understood everything, turned and whispered: "Len, you will not be loved like I do."

She just curled up in a ball, inhaling the familiar scent, and in the morning he cooked her semolina. Only he could do this: moderately sweet and without lumps. Pasha did not live long, and Lena did not grieve for her husband for long. And only years later, analyzing the path traveled, Lena realized that no one loved her as he did.

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