15 top Carrie Bradshaw quotes on men, love and fashion
15 top Carrie Bradshaw quotes on men, love and fashion

Carrie Bradshaw - the main and favorite heroine of the TV series "Sex and the City", perhaps, can be called the most famous (of all fictional characters) resident of New York. The journalist, sharp-tongued, literally every other time gave out hilarious phrases, which in a day were picked up by millions of fans around the world. Carrie was so loved and even adored that 2009 The Guardian magazine named her the icon of the decade. And these are the 15 best quotes of the icon.

Love is the only label that hasn't gone out of style.

The prince did not gallop. Then Snow White spat out an apple, woke up, went to work, got insurance and made a baby from a test tube.

I don't believe in email. I stick to old traditions. I prefer to call and hang up.


As soon as a man tells me that he is a romantic, I want to yell good obscenities … It only says that he idealizes you, and as soon as you stop playing by his rules and show your true face, he immediately runs into the bushes. This is where romance is dangerous. Stay away from them.

Even the best relationships are always about compromise. But how much can we sacrifice for the sake of another person before we stop being ourselves? And where is the line beyond which compromises develop into self-destruction?

Tying a man's tie is much more erotic than taking it off.

Handsome men are bad lovers! They don't need to strain!

It is sometimes not so easy for an unmarried woman to go through life, so you need to be very careful when choosing shoes. After all, they help us brighten up this difficult path.

Shopping is the best medicine for the heart.

When you are young, you have full fun, and when you get older, fear comes. Fear of breaking your bones or breaking your heart. You will think ten times before jumping. After all, there is not always someone below who will catch you, and in life there is no safety net. At what point did recklessness disappear and fear appeared?

It's like a Donna Karan dress: you know it's not your style, but you try it on anyway.

There is a turning point in the life of every woman when she realizes that it is He.


But, ironically, in a big city it is very easy to meet a man who broke your heart. It's even easier to meet him when you look shitty.

He's not a prince on a white horse, but his BMW has a heater.

I admit that we always dream of the perfect boss, or the perfect parent, or the perfect dress. But maybe we should not give up everything at the first signs of failure, but continue to play the role intended for us and improve what we have been given?

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