If a man doesn't show respect in these 9 things, then he is not worthy of you
If a man doesn't show respect in these 9 things, then he is not worthy of you

It's no secret that a truly strong relationship is built not only on love and passion for each other. Respect plays an important role in a relationship. Respect for the partner's personal space, for his feelings, dreams and desires, respect for his time. These are all part of what we call regular and short "respect."

The Interesting to Know Reaction offers readers a short list of those things and situations when your partner should show respect.

1. On a date

A man should not dig into his phone during a date (and a woman should not either). So you show respect not only for the person, but also for the time that he spends on you.

2. During intimacy

When you don’t like something, and he continues to do it, it’s disrespectful.


3. During a quarrel

Insults are always one step towards breaking up. No matter what happens in your relationship, neither man nor woman should allow themselves to offend each other.

4. In conversation

We must respect each other in conversation: listen when the partner speaks, listen to what the partner says. Do not interrupt, do not misinterpret the words later …

5. When he is with friends

Whatever happens in your relationship, neither he nor you should complain to friends and girlfriends. Remember, every time you complain to a friend / friend, you are letting a third person into your relationship. And the more of these "thirds", the more likely your relationship will end.

6. Browsing the Internet

A man who respects his woman will not look for dating on the Internet. We all know how such acquaintances can end, and men themselves know about it.


7. To your parents

Respect for your partner's parents is just as important as respect for yourself.

8. In stressful moments

Disruptions cannot always be contained. We all have a hard time at work, we all quarrel with loved ones. But to break down on loved ones is still an ignoble business. And if this happens, then you need to be able to ask for forgiveness. For both men and women.

9. At meetings with friends

A man who changes his attitude towards you when his friends are nearby is clearly the person who is not familiar with the concept of "respect".

P. S.

All these points apply to women as well. Show respect for your men.

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