About women over 40. Only Zhvanetsky could say so aptly
About women over 40. Only Zhvanetsky could say so aptly

“All problems are from women” - representatives of the opposite sex like to repeat. Perhaps it is so, just look at history, literature and art - women were the main muse, punishment and helper of all great men.


Many famous thinkers have written about women since ancient times, but not many manage to describe so accurately and accurately the full depth of the female soul. One of those who succeeded was Mikhail Zhvanetsky - On women over 40.

I am waiting for a woman of about forty-five to appear in Russia, slender, well-groomed, undyed, ironic, derisive, independent, with a gray-haired girlish hairstyle.

Let her smoke if it helps her.

Let it be someone's wife, if it doesn't bother her.

It does not matter.

Her profession and erudition are secondary.


But the age is not less than forty.

And humor, scratching mockery, unpredictability and intelligence.

All of this is not uncommon. One thing gives rise to another.

Such a woman is valuable.

It excites what is not used in today's Russia. Return fire, intelligence, honor, humor, and even a conscience that is not applicable to time, which does not know what it is. Like punctuality, firmness of words and so on, which does not matter during puberty of an entire country.

The one about whom the speech, and hears, and understands, and answers, and teaches, and most importantly - she has something to remember. As well as you.

What a wonderful minefield for walking together.

There were such people in Russia. From here they left, but did not appear there.

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