Why daily "hugs" are vital for us
Why daily "hugs" are vital for us

It turns out, what does a person need to be happy? A daily hug that makes a person incredibly happy.

Scientists have found that when cuddling, oxytocin is produced in the human body. And what it is, and how it affects a person's emotions, we will tell you further.


Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter, a kind of nerve impulse transmitter that helps the emotional center of the brain cope with feelings of happiness and reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, oxytocin has been shown to make men more loving, understanding, and considerate

Researchers from South Carolina (USA) believe that thanks to this hormone we sleep well and during hugs our heart rate increases by 10 beats per minute.

Another interesting study was conducted at Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania - the results showed that, thanks to daily hugs, a person is less prone to stress and anxiety, and hugs also increase self-esteem.

To conduct the experiment, 400 healthy men and women were invited, and for 14 hours each of them was told only positive things, supported, empathized and at the same time hugged constantly.

Exactly two weeks later, the same participants were specifically exposed to an acute respiratory viral infection. The participants were then placed in a special quarantine area, where they were under full supervision. The results astounded the researchers. Turns out thanks to the support and positive emotions received earlier, these people have increased immunity, and the risk of contracting the virus has decreased.

To summarize: hugs make you not only happy, but also healthy and sexy, and at the same time give you a great mood for the whole day, producing the hormone oxytocin. And it's all free! Cuddle with friends, loved ones, family and even strangers! This simple action will not only make you happy. but also your loved ones.

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