Head in Place: Learn to Deal with Deadly Emotions
Head in Place: Learn to Deal with Deadly Emotions

If a person has a cold, then antibiotics, warm tea, rest, etc. can help him. Diseases associated with our body are more or less susceptible to treatment. But what to do if physical ailments are not associated with a disease of the body, but are caused by mental pain, which somehow affects our behavior and well-being?

Problem: anger

Strong outbursts of anger, excessive manifestations of rage are fraught not only with serious problems with society, but also with back pain, says a study in the journal Pain (USA). This is because anger activates neural pathways that transmit brain tension to the muscles around the spine. So be careful. The next time you feel the urge to vent your anger, remember that not only will it not calm you down, but it will also bring you even more inconvenience.

Solution: look at yourself from the outside

First of all, try to remember in detail exactly how your anger manifests itself, and try to imagine how it looks from the outside. Are you satisfied with yourself after such a seizure? Did this help to solve the problem that caused such indignation? If you yourself are unable to cope with yourself, then you should already contact a specialist.


Problem: loneliness

The University of Chicago has proven that loners are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart attacks than outgoing and socialized people, so try to dilute your environment, bring more people into it, don't be afraid to get to know each other, try not to get stuck in your little world. Remember, thus, you spoil your health from scratch!

Solution: help others

If you are not a student for a long time and student parties have already passed the stage, but at work there is real stagnation and there is no reason to see new faces, then volunteering would be a good solution. Nowadays, there are many ways to work for the good of others - from ensuring the safety of summer music festivals to caring for the sick in hospices. Hard joint work unites, so building friendly relations with the rest of the volunteers will be a matter of a couple of days.

Problem: pessimism

It may sound absurd, but every time you replay negative scenarios in your head, think about things that cause anger or despair, you are destroying healthy brain cells. In addition, bad feelings and disbelief in a bright future harm blood vessels, make the heart beat unevenly, and ultimately lead to a stroke.

Solution: wear rose-colored glasses

Surprising but true: optimism, like biceps, can be pumped up! Make it a tradition for yourself to choose one of the areas of your life every week - career, love relationships - and imagine in every detail how great things will go in this area in the next 10 years. Such periodic "positive sessions" will ultimately lead you to the fact that you force yourself to believe in the truth of what you represent, you will learn to think about your future in a positive way, which will irreversibly affect your well-being. After all, this will give you confidence in the future, give you faith in life and the ability to set new goals for yourself.

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