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Like in the movies: legendary and touching feats of love
Like in the movies: legendary and touching feats of love

Throughout the ages, the existence of true love has been intermittently questioned. But history is familiar with the bonds of love, which, with their strength, completely refute the words "true love only happens in the cinema."

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

This story is worthy of the pen of any great writer. One of the most legendary film stars of all time, the Oscar winner, Hitchcock's favorite, stunningly beautiful woman - Grace Kelly - did not immediately become the princess of Monaco. Long before her marriage to Prince Rainier, captivated by her charm and beauty, the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, himself wooed her. The Shah was persistent enough, but Grace flatly refused the blue-blooded person. All the richest people in Hollywood also wooed her. But Grace was adamant.

The meeting between Grace and Prince Rainier III of Monaco took place at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1955. Grace was invited to take a ride through the small principality, and also take part in a photo session with the Prince of Monaco Rainier III himself. It was a fateful moment in the fate of not only two lonely people, but the entire principality. At the first glance at this woman, Rainier realized that it was she who would be the only one with whom he would share his fate. That evening they walked for a long time in the luxurious zoo of the prince, whom he loved so much.

Soon she wrote a letter in which she thanked Rainier Sh for the warm welcome. This was the beginning of a secret correspondence that lasted almost six months.

It was the wedding of the century. The world has never seen a more luxurious and grandiose event. The people of Monaco were captivated by the beauty, grace and modesty of the bride. The most interesting thing is that it never occurred to anyone that this alliance could have been concluded by cold calculation. For the sake of her beloved, Kelly forever said goodbye to her brilliant Hollywood career and gave herself completely to her family.

Grace and Rainier had three children. The affairs of the small, unremarkable principality began to go uphill and it flourished. Everything was like a fairy tale until a terrible tragedy happened. On September 13, 1982, Grace was in a car accident. She suffered a stroke, as a result of which the car she was driving lost control, fell off a sharp turn and fell onto a mountainside. Also in the car was Stephanie's daughter, who survived and suffered serious bruises and fractures.

At the funeral of the princess, gray-haired and heartbroken, Rainier walked arm in arm with his daughter and did not hide his tears. “With the death of the princess, emptiness entered my life,” the prince admitted sadly …


Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII

He ruled for only 327 days and handed the crown to his brother, realizing that he could neither rule nor live without his beloved woman. The love story of Edward VIII and an ordinary American woman, Wallis Simpson, then thundered throughout the world and still does not leave minds alone. The kingdom accepted his abdication, the "ex-king" was rejected by the family. The lovers settled in the Bois de Boulogne and dreamed of being finally forgotten and left alone.

Until now, many are wondering how such a simple, seemingly unremarkable American woman was lucky enough to charm the king himself ?!

She dressed unfashionably, was terribly bony. A woman with a raspy voice and so unattractive … What was her secret? Most likely, it was not a matter of external beauty, but of the charm and charm that was in this woman. She was smart and calculating. At first, her fascination with the king was due to a simple interest. But gradually love arose in her. The woman, who twice unsuccessfully chose life partners, again managed to find the strength to fall in love. And she was rewarded.

“Kings no longer play a big role these days, so they are quickly forgotten,” - once said Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor. Then he will look at her husband and continue: “But he will be remembered for a long time. Because of me".


Salvador Dali and Gala

When they met, Salvador Dali was only 25. Gala's then husband Paul Eluard will introduce them. As soon as he saw Gala, Dali realized that from that moment until the end of his life he would belong only to her.

Elena Dyakonova, aka Gala, did not have the most brilliant appearance. But her breathtaking charm was unparalleled and drove every man crazy.

After a while, Gala divorces her husband and becomes Salvador Dali's companion, his muse, his life. In every picture of the artist, her presence is certainly felt. Dali wrote his beloved many times, each time trying to reveal her multifaceted image.

Many are still surprised at how Dali calmly endured the betrayal and insane antics of this eccentric woman.

But El Salvador loved her and knew that her heart also belonged to him. And that's enough. After the death of Gala, the great artist did not paint a single picture. Together with his beloved muse, he buried his work forever.


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