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Worse: the stars who most often received the "Golden Raspberry"
Worse: the stars who most often received the "Golden Raspberry"

An acting career is never complete without setbacks. Sometimes the latter are so grandiose that the public is unable to pass by. Since 1981, Hollywood's most famous anti-award, the Golden Raspberry, has been invented for particularly iconic failures in the film industry. Winning at least a nomination for this "award" is a real shame for many cinematographers. But some even go with pleasure and get the ill-fated golden berry.

Demmy Moor


2004 year - Winner: Worst Supporting Actress ("Charlie's Angels 2: Forward")

year 2001 - Nominated: Worst female role ("Two Lives")

1998 year - Winner: Worst Actress ("Jane the Soldier")

1997 - Winner: Worst Actress ("Juror")

1996 - Nominated: Worst female role ("Scarlet Letter")

1994 - Nominated: Worst Actress ("Indecent Proposal")

1992 - Nominated:Worst Actress ("The Butcher's Wife")

Sharon Stone


2007 - Winner: Worst Actress (Basic Instinct 2: Risking)

2005 -Nominated:Worst Supporting Actress (Catwoman)

year 2000 - Nomination:: Worst Actress (Gloria)

1997 year - Nomination: Worst New Star ("The Devil")

1995 - Winner: Worst female role ("Crossroads")

1994 year - Nomination:: Worst Actress (Sliver)

1993 year - Nomination: Worst New Star (Basic Instinct)

1988 year - Nomination:Worst Actress (Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold)

Sylvester Stallone


2016 - Winner: Reputation reward

2011 - Nomination: Worst Actor ("The Unstoppable")

2004 year - Nomination: Worst Director ("The Expendables")

2004 - Winner: Worst Supporting Actor ("Spy Kids 3: Game Over")

2002 year - Nominations: Worst Supporting Actor (Racer); Worst-case scenario (Racer)

year 2001 - Nominated: Worst Actor ("Remove Carter")

2000 Winner: Worst actor of the century

1999 year - Nomination: Worst Supporting Actor ("Burn Hollywood Burn")

1997 year - Nomination: Worst Actor ("Daylight")

1996 - Nominated: -Worst Actor ("The Hit Killers")

1995 - Nominated: Worst Actor ("Specialist")

1994 year - Nomination: Worst-case scenario (Rock Climber)

1993 Winner: Worst Actor ("Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot")

1992 - Nominated: Worst Actor (Oscar)

1991 - Nominated: Worst Actor (Rocky 5); Worst-case scenario (Rocky 5)

1990 Winner: Worst actor of the decade

1998 Winner: Worst male role ("Rambo III")

1989 - Nominated: Worst-case scenario (Rambo III)

1988 - Nominated: Worst male role ("With all my might")

1987 - Nominated:Worst male role ("Cobra"); Worst-case scenario (Cobra)

1986 - Nominated: Worst-case scenario (Rocky IV)

1986 Winner: Worst Actor ("Rambo: First Blood 2"); Worst Director (Rocky IV); Worst-case scenario (Rambo: First Blood II)

1985 - Nominated: Worst-case scenario (Rhinestone)

1985 - Winner: Worst Actor (Rhinestone)

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