25 insightful and witty quotes from O. Henry
25 insightful and witty quotes from O. Henry

William Sidney Porter the world knows more under the pseudonym O. Henry. The humble pharmacist from Carolina began his literary career with short stories, and it was they that brought him the fame of the recognized master of short prose. In total, he wrote 273 short stories and short stories, including the story "Gifts of the Magi", so beloved by us since school years. In general, O. Geni became that rare writer for readers, among whose stories it is very difficult to choose the best one - they all differ in their beautiful language and subtle humor.

The editors of Interesting to know have chosen 25 insightful and witty quotes from the immortal works of one of the most prominent writers of the XIX-XX centuries, which are understandable and relevant at any time:

A hungry heart should have a grain of happiness at least once a year.

Such is the property of the female sex - to cry with grief, cry with joy and shed tears in the absence of both.

Fate throws you from side to side, like a piece of cork in wine, uncorked by a waiter, to whom you have not tipped.

Most women are just big children, and most men are just small children.

Money is just rubbish compared to true love.

It was a platinum chain for a pocket watch, a simple and austere design, captivating with true qualities, not ostentatious brilliance - all good things should be like that.

It's not about the road we take; what is inside us makes us choose the path.

The tincture was as clever as the meat sandwiches at a vegetarian dinner.

A sleeping man is a sight from which angels can weep. What are his brains, biceps, checkbook, aplomb, patronage and family ties now worth? And as attractive as a hired nag, when she stands, leaning against the wall of the opera house at half past midnight and dreams of the vastness of the Arabian deserts. A sleeping woman is another matter entirely. We don't give a damn about how she looks, if only she was in this state longer.

Life consists of tears, sighs and smiles, with sighs prevailing.


When my patient starts counting carriages in his funeral procession, I discount 50% of the healing power of drugs.

He belonged to those good people who are easy to forget about when they are around, but who are often remembered when they are not.

A person for the fullness of his life must experience poverty, love and war. But not at once.

She was such a woman that even a gudgeon would have sinned. The blush on her face spoke of culinary inclinations and ardent temperament, and from her smile the thistle could bloom in the month of December.

The art of storytelling is to keep everything they want to know from your audience until you have expounded your cherished views on all sorts of irrelevant subjects.

Life is what we value most and cherish least of all.

When we love ourselves, the word "love" is synonymous with self-sacrifice and renunciation. When the neighbors who live behind the wall love, this word means conceit and insolence.

An empty stomach is the surest antidote to a full heart.

There are topics for which you cannot find words even in the most complete dictionary.


It was both beautiful and simple, like any truly great scam.

The roundness of the forms is undoubtedly an attractive quality; as for smoothness, the more wrinkles a woman gets, the more the irregularities of her character are smoothed out.

Her soul could break any chains. She was Eve, who had already tasted the forbidden fruit, but had not yet felt its bitterness.

They were slaves to habit - the force that keeps the earth from falling to pieces, although, however, there is still some stupid theory of attraction.

Not a single minute can be bought with cash.

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