What Muslim women have to do for their husbands after marriage
What Muslim women have to do for their husbands after marriage

The life of a Muslim woman is always a bit of a mystery, especially for us, people of a different confession. And this mystery is partly reduced to religion itself, and partly to the political ruling elite, because it is she who often determines the way of life of the women of the country. For example, in Afghanistan, when under the Taliban women became completely powerless, or in Iran after the Islamic revolution, when all the women of the country put on a veil. And a special place in the life of any woman, and yet especially for Muslim women, is married life.

Due to a number of stereotypes, it is believed that in Islam it is widely practiced to marry girls against their will. Of course there is, and you can't get away from it. However, this happens more often in countries in which, in general, there are big problems with the protection of human rights, and women there are not the only ones who suffer at the hands of "higher authorities".

Returning to the point of marriage, there are a few notable facts to point out. For example, a woman should be very careful in conversations, she should not discuss family matters with strangers, and there can be no question of intimate ones at all. This is an area where even the attending physician is not always dedicated. And in general, it boils down to the concept of the obligatory modesty of a Muslim woman.


In principle, a woman should really “obey” her spouse. This also applies to the intimate sphere of relationships. In addition, it is believed that a woman should not refuse her husband if he expressed a desire for intimacy.

Nevertheless, this does not mean at all that a woman has no rights in front of a man in Islam. Actually, the Quran contains enough requirements for a man, for example, in Surah 4, ayah 19 it is stated that a man is prohibited from inheriting a woman under duress; a man should not oppress his wife, insult and humiliate her. Thus, it turns out that the position of a woman in the family really depends on the man, as in any other family, regardless of religion and nationality. Moreover, when two people love each other, they are definitely not capable of oppressing freedom and taking away the right to the honor of their half.

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