Suicide or murder: only 17% of people can solve this riddle
Suicide or murder: only 17% of people can solve this riddle

Editors Our site offers to play Sherlock Holmes. Using the method of induction (and as we know Sherlock used induction, not deduction), let's solve this case and find out if it is murder or suicide.

Look again at the picture, paying attention to the details.

You probably already know the answer. Now let's solve the case together. So…


The victim is left-handed. Look at the location of the lamp, pen, and cigarette in your hand. But the pistol lies in his right hand.

The blood on the wall suggests that the shot was fired when the girl was sitting either with her back to the window or to the wall. She definitely couldn't sit on such a high chair and write. Outside the window is night, but the lamp is unplugged.

The glasses indicate that the victim had poor vision. But for some reason, the victim covered the light with his back.

So there is something wrong with the lamp.


Since the blood splatters from bottom to top, this means that the victim was either kneeling or almost lying. What about the upside-down chair? She should have been sitting on it (perhaps this is a sign of a struggle).

A very important aspect: it has been established that in case of suicide, the pistol does not remain in the hand, but falls out.

It turns out that the girl was killed.

Congratulations Sherlocks, we've solved the case!

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