How does intelligence affect marital fidelity?
How does intelligence affect marital fidelity?

Marital fidelity has been an issue that has plagued women for thousands of years. As it turned out, there is a reasonable explanation for everything! The editorial office is interesting to know and will tell our subscribers by what criterion it is better to choose men.

This time, psychologists from the London Institute of Economics delighted us with their research. Scientists argue that intelligence is considered the main cause of infidelity in marriage. The higher the mental capacity of a man, the less likely he will betray you. After analyzing a number of studies, psychologists came to the conclusion that over the long years of evolution, polygamy, which is characteristic of most men, is replaced by monogamy. Humanity is at that stage of evolutionary development when intimate relationships with one, that only woman are the most ideal and beneficial relationship. Psychologists believe that when looking for new partners, a modern man succumbs to stress, and therefore monogamy is a deliberate choice of a reasonable man.

Fidelity in the head, it does not obey either momentary weakness or clouded reason.

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